From the very humble but compassionate beginnings, St Margaret’s School has grown and expanded, excelling both in academia and CCA’s. Today, with the Primary School and Secondary School located in Mount Sophia and Farrer Road respectively, she continues to stimulate minds and nurture lives to produce women of Charity, Patience and Devotion.

In the mid-1940’s, five ex-students got together to work on a constitution to establish the St Margaret’s Ex-Students’ Association (SMESA). The Inaugural Meeting was held on 5 February 1949.

Through the years, as a member of the St Margaret’s Family, SMESA has been a strong partner, supporting both the Primary and Secondary Schools in their activities to develop the total well-being of the students.

All ex-students continue to be proud to identify themselves with the School. Our school uniforms evoke nostalgia for their era. The girls wore their respective cultural outfits until the 1930”s when the School had her first all-white uniform. This evolved into a green pinafore over a white blouse until 1974 when the iconic green dot uniform made its debut.

As seen through our uniforms...

Our Earliest Years1 Our White Uniform3 uniform
Our Earlier Years2 Our Pinafore 4 Our Polka Dot Uniform5